Web Hosting

We delivers the best expertise and service for Web Hosting, Domain Register, Server Management, Business email and many more..

Web Hosting & Server Management

We will configure server and install appropriate Operating System according your website needs so your website can be optimized well and boost like rocket.


  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server
  • Scalable Cloud-Based VPS Hosting
  • Managed Hosting
  • Specialty Hosting

Domain Register

If you’re having trouble finding a domain name (whether because of crowding or cyber-squatters), check for a help facility on each registrar’s site. Domain registrars typically house search engines that return a listing of available names similar to the one you want.


Harmi Infotech is the Best Domain Registration & Domain Transfer Services Company, providing secure & reliable Domain Registration & Domain Transfer Services in cheap & best prices.


Professional Email & Services

As a business owner, your email is important. It’s how you communicate with clients and vendors. It may even be how you communicate with your employees. You want to make sure that you choose the best email and service for your needs.


We are providing various email services, in which we will provide Business email, Bulk email, Email Service With Translations, Auto eMail Send etc.

Web Security

Web security is important to keeping hackers and cyber-thieves from accessing sensitive information. Without a proactive security strategy, businesses risk the spread and escalation of malware, attacks on other websites, networks, and other IT infrastructures. If a hacker is successful, attacks can spread from computer to computer, making it difficult to find the origin.


Our server specialist is take care of all our hosted websites and regularly check for security updates on server. We use latest technologies to escape from cyber attacks and make them fully secure.